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IQ2                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

March 5th, 1797.

I dined two days ago at Madame de Damas',
with the Princess de Poise, Natalie de Noailles,
Juste de Noailles, Abb6 Morellet, de Vagne, Por-
talis, peve et fils, Delpy, and FAbb6 de Damas. It
was a learned H6tel de Rambouillet party. Por-
talis Is the director of the set. Madame de
Damas is very rich, and has bought Livry, FAbbe
de Coulanges' benefice.

Yesterday I was at Formalague's, with Pelet
de la Loz£re, Roz6 and two or three more.
Roz6 is a kind of clever intriguant, who keeps
well with the Government and does much busi-
ness with the minister. I employed him to get
Sir Sidney liberated, but I soon found he had
boasted of more than he could do.

We went this morning (a beautiful sunshiny
day) to Bagatelle, which is national property and
open to the public, but only fashionable two days
in the week. The belles of Paris, on those days,
go there to stroll about, as much dressed out as
if they were going to a ball.

At this moment they are busy in the two
councils drawing lots for a third of the Conven-
tionals to go out, and people seem very anxious.

Bonaparte has granted peace to Pius VI. and